Mendings of Human Hearts

Hi, I'm Julie! Welcome to my blog, I guess. It's a personal one, but it's mostly humor, and full of things I like.

If you wanna know more about me, click the "About Me" link. I should work on it, but I'm kinda lazy. Maybe one day. The "More Links" link has lots of hopefully helpful links for you. I'm working on it.

My kik is "shootingbowsnarrows." The tag I track is "shootingbowsandarrows," so if you answer one of my asks, please tag it with that. Or if you see something cool and want to show me.

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  • Blake: There is not a coach on this panel that is more competitve
    Adam: YES! Did you hear that? Blake can you say that again?
    Blake: There is not a bigger idiot on this panel.

    “ Books are a weird collaboration between author and reader: You trust me to tell a good story, and I trust you to bring it to good life in your mind. ”

    —    John Green; Looking For Alaska (via ohwhereareyoualaska)
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